How To Use A Back Massager For Pleasure

Isabella Miller
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After a long day at work, or after a long flight of say 13 hours, when you get back home, wouldn’t you have loved it if you had someone there to give you a nice foot or back massage?

Well, unfortunately for people who are living alone, back massages are not always possible. Besides, you would probably have a lot of household work to do when you get back home, so you wouldn’t have the time for a therapy session anyway.

But that’s what back massagers are for. A saving grace for people who live alone, back massagers can be used to relieve yourself from aches, pains and spasms as well as to give yourself the pleasure of a warm back rub. You can put yourself at relaxation therapy and relive yourself from work stress with a nice back massager.

Not just that, back massagers are specialists in soothing the muscles that you cannot reach. For a person who is constantly sitting in a chair at work especially would experience a lot of pain in the upper back area which normally is a place that is hard to reach. Back massagers can do the job for you.

In order to do these things though, you must purchase one of the best ones in the market of course; one that has a good set of features including variable speed settings and massage heads. You will be able to use the comprehensive massage nodes for pleasure.

So how can you make the most out of your back massager to achieve pleasure? Let take a look at the process step by step:

9 Simple Steps to Use Back Massager for Pleasure

When you use a back massager, you must target it on specific areas in the back, neck as well as the shoulders in order to get the most relief.

For example if you are experiencing a pain in your muscles, then ideally you must know which specific areas around the sore muscles need to be targeted with the back massager, in order to get relieved from the whole pain.

Initially, it might seem like a task that needs a whole degree of specialization. But with regular use of the back massager, you will easily be able to identify the sore and stiff areas and get around the concept effectively.

Once you find the target spot and let your massager do the job, you will find a whole new world of relaxation and pleasure.

Let’s see how you need to go about the process now:
  1. Use your Hand and Feel the Spot

    First you need to use your hands and feel the spot for muscle tenderness. You need to move your hands over the area in pain lightly but firmly. A back massager can be used on your neck, your lower and upper back, your shoulders and even your thighs. So look for muscle soreness in these places.

  2. Hold it up to the Target Spot

    Depending on the type or design of the back massager that you are going for, you can simply attach it or hang it off your arms or hold it up by its handle over the target areas.

  3. Use Force to the Particular Affected Muscle

    You need to use some force on the affected muscle in particular and then move over to the surrounding muscles with lesser force. You could also turn the massager off for a few seconds and then start another full cycle once again so that you allow your muscles a little time to release the tension and the pain.

  4. Start Moving to other Areas

    Ideally, for the best results and the most pleasure of course, you need to apply force on the entire affected sore muscle in an area of one inch, then move out some distance and start over in a different direction. This will create mixed movements on the muscle, allowing for more flexibility.

  5. Apply Proper Breathing Technique

    An important point to keep in mind while using a back massager is to exercise a proper breathing technique throughout the process. You constantly need to pump oxygen to your muscles as they get worked up. It is just like exercising your muscles. Be sure to breathe in and breathe out deeply before you start the massaging process as well.

  6. Use the Massager until you Feel Better

    This way, work your massager until you feel better and the tension is released from your sore muscles. Be sure not to overdo the process though as it can lead to more pain.

  7. Lightly Press the Area

    As you move your finger, when you feel lumps or knots in your muscles, that’s when you can lightly press it so that you can assess the intensity of pain and the level of massage required so that you understand which mode of your massager to apply. It can cause a certain stiff feeling in the muscle as you press and interestingly for some people, this slight pressing action can be quite pleasing.

  8. Use your Back Massager

    After you have identified your target point this way, you can turn on your back massager and start using it in those areas.

  9. Start Applying the Needed Pressure

    Then you want to start by applying a gentle force which allows the muscles to slowly get used to the pressure and adjust themselves to the massage motions. Then you can gradually turn up the speed or intensity as you like until you reach a point where you feel the most pleasure. For this reason, you need to get a massager that has a wide range of speed settings because you might want to change up your routine depending on how you feel each time.


If used the right way, a back massager can give you a lot of pleasure apart from relieving you from your aches and pains. With a proper breathing routine incorporated with a high quality efficient back massager, your daily relaxation therapy can become your favorite thing about coming back home.

You need to pay attention to the features and the accessories that come with the massager and invest in one that best suits your needs. If you frequently get back aches and sore muscles, then you could buy one that has specific heating functionalities as well.


Isabella Miller

Isabella Miller

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