Back pain is a very broad term that means any discomfort in the back which is by no means caused by underlying conditions. But if you are visiting this site, you probably understand what back pain is or is dealing with it. For those who do not know, it can be caused by many factors such as sitting in a poor position, sleeping poorly, sitting for too long, etc. There are many ways to relieve back pain like getting a better mattress, a handheld massager, a different chair, or just simply taking a few steps after sitting for a while. Whatever it may be, we are here to help.


There is no one way to cure back pain, but we can always discuss the most common causes of back pain and work our way to that one solution that works. We all know that back pain starts to occur during the mid to late stages of life meaning that whatever we do at a young age can affect us. If you are not experiencing back pain right now, there are some preventative measures you can take that are on our site right now.


In my opinion, back pain is caused by muscle strain and lifting objects that are too heavy as well as sitting for too long. As we spend more and more time in front of the computer, it is important that we remember to take breaks and stand up to alleviate the stress on our backs.


One helpful video that I have found through my research for curing my back pain is this video. The person in the video talks about arranging your desk set up so that it is ergonomically friendly.


Another helpful tip is getting yourself some sort of massager. Back pain can also be caused by tense muscles which are caused by stress. Relieving the tension in the muscle can help your back pain. Another simple solution to mitigate stress and muscle tension is to just take a break and walk around. What I have found is creating alarms in intervals of 20 minutes really helps. When the alarm goes off, just stop everything you are doing. 


If you find that sitting too much is causing your back pain, getting a standing desk could help with that. On our website, there is a page about standing desks and I would highly recommend it regardless if you have back pain or not. Reducing the strain on the back and neck can be beneficial. Standing desks will essentially force you to stand up which could be helpful.