The Best Back Massager For Sore Muscle

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There are many options for back massaging as far as electronic devices are concerned. These devices  can range from hand-held to chair type massagers. Depending on what you need the massage for will depend on what style you should choose.


Everyone has different needs and for some more control over the area to be targeted is more beneficial than an ‘all over’ massage. Perhaps being seated and applying gentle pressure, heat and vibration from a larger device might help as opposed to massage on a smaller area.

Top 10 Back Massager for Sore Muscle


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What type of Back Massager?

If you have deep lower back pain, then you are most likely on your feet all day. For those who spend their time standing or are on the go most of the time an efficient chair style massager might be the best selection.


If you have neck and upper shoulder tension, you might opt for a hand-held version that will isolate the affected part and allow you more control over the area and the amount of pressure to be applied.  A very popular type of seat style back massager is the shiatsu style with rotating protrusions that apply just the right amount of pressure and motions to give a deep tissue massage for those tense back muscles.


This type might be better suited to those people who are in better physical condition as opposed to the elderly who might bruise or be sensitive to pressure.  For a  therapeutic massage for the elderly,  you may want to consider purchasing a simple and gentle classic chair massager. Most of them come with  heat option to loosen the tense muscles.

Hand-Held Back Massager

Hand held massagers can be quite effective for those spots that need to be isolated and which the chair type massagers are unable to reach. The area at the base of the neck and back is a common problem area for many people.


Tension headaches can stem from tense muscles that are located in that area. A percussion massager would be a good choice for the person who is experiencing very tight muscles that contribute to these headaches.They can loosen the muscles by using mild impact and massage. Most  massagers of this type have heat settings and various types of attachments.


The standard hand-held massager with multiple speeds of vibrations with a handle to reach those areas in the middle of your back is good for those people who do not like or  cannot tolerate the impact of percussion massagers.


Another instance is the elderly who may not be able to tolerate the impact either. Another great option is the mini massager.


This is a compact version of the standard vibration hand-held massager. Some of these massagers have batteries and hand holsters. These types are portable and easy to bring to the office or carry on vacation. They can fit easily into your purse, suitcase or glove-box.

Price Point of Hand-Held Back Massager

An important part of selecting an appropriate back massager is considering not only the function but also the price. You need to figure out how much  money you want to spend and what type of massager you are willing to pay for.


The most expensive options are the chair style massagers. These massagers can range from about one thousand dollars to several hundred for a high quality brand. These expensive models may have  their own support base like a real chair or they may rely on a  separate chair for support.

Back Massager

Most of these types have multiple functions and setting and offer different heat settings. If you plan using this type of massager on a daily basis for therapeutic reason then this may be the right investment for you. The price of a hand-held  massager can range from twenty dollars to several hundred dollars.

If you have really tense neck and shoulder muscles and plan on using this type of massager then you will most likely have to spend some extra money and get a high-quality percussion massager with multiple settings. If you plan on occasionally using a massager to unwind after a long day or to ease sore muscles from exercise then the less expensive types will be the most suitable.


If you need your massager to be portable for frequent traveling or for the office when you are having a rough day, then the portable inexpensive type will be a good choice.


Take a few minutes to analyze your specific needs before purchasing a back massager. Consider age, health, and the reason you want to buy a massager.


Figure out what your budget is and then do some quick research. Read user reviews that are posted on the internet. These reviews will give you a good idea if the item in question is a good buy.


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