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Michelle Weinard
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Discover the benefits of massage pillow in this article. There are probably few worse feelings than waking up after a night of tossing and turning, unable to get comfortable and receiving little-to-no sleep due to back pain. Maybe you pulled a muscle and the pain hasn’t gone away or you have trouble finding the right sleeping position.


Now you back is suffering for it. Just walking becomes a test of your endurance and ability to will yourself past the shooting aches in your lower back. Few people realize that your sleeping and sitting positions and the type of pillows you use to support it are significantly relevant to whether or not you are a risk for lower back pain.

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Even more surprising for some people to learn is that there are massaging back pillows that can greatly help ease and even help eliminate this pain. The right pillow can help you recover from any back injuries sustained throughout the day and help maintain the kind of sleeping or sitting posture that helps keep your back from injuring itself while you move at night in bed.


The lumbar support market has responded to this need for normal and massaging back pillows by putting out plenty of them on the market. However, before you go to the department store and grab the first product you see labeled as “back pillow”, it’s important to know the facts these types of products.

  1. Problem with Traditional Pillows

The main reason that pillow you place behind your back when you sit or sleep is not working properly is that it’s most likely old. As you continually use any pillow, it tends to lose it’s firmness and and shape.


This leads to it being unable to support the muscles in your lower back sufficiently. Anyone looking to reduce lower back pain and prevent it all-together should consider using a lumbar support pillow specifically made to to deter uncomfortable pulling or stretching of these muscles from occurring at all.


These types of pillows are manufactured for the sole purpose of helping promote the kind of posture where your lower back muscles are allowed to relax without any strain. The more these muscles are allowed to rest, the quicker any damage, tearing or straining can be allowed to repair itself.


Muscle groups that are constantly strained and unable to repair themselves only become more painful as time passes on.


Luckily, there are plenty of orthopedic pillows on the market that can help promote the right kind of either sitting or sleeping posture that allows this type of rest of your muscles. They come in a wide variety of options, both for your chair as well as your bed.


Each type addresses your back problems in specific ways and understanding the type of back issues you’re suffering from is essential in being informed enough to choose the right one.


It’s also important what particular factors are causing your pain and what you need to do to properly address the root cause of the discomfort you’re experiencing.

  1. How Back Pain Is Caused and How To Address It

Lower back pain is caused by many different factors. Not only does sleeping in the improper position contribute to this issue, but it is also affected by the type of pillow and mattress you use at night.


As stated earlier, traditional pillows are usually worn out and misshapen, thus making your back rest in an awkward or strained position and placing undue pressure and stress on it. Another cause of back pain is lack of regular stretching or flex of these muscles to maintain their elasticity and tensile strength.


You might have lifted something from the wrong position or pulled a muscle in your back because you didn’t utilize your leg strength as well.


There might even be spinal or slipped disc issues that contribute to any lingering back pain you may have. In any case, the pain you experience can often cause lower back muscles to tense up, adding further unnecessary strain and discomfort. All these factors cumulatively add up to a lingering, painful lower back that often doesn’t go away with time.

All these factors cumulatively add up to a lingering, painful lower back that often doesn’t go away with time. In any case, it’s vital that you not exacerbate this injury or strain by sitting or sleeping in the wrong position. A good back pillow helps realign the spine and support its natural curvature.


This allows your lower spine to to curve forward and force your torso up in the proper position. Anything that doesn’t force your lumbar into against the back of a seat or against the surface of your mattress is essential.


A massaging back pillow goes a step further to undo any kinks or knots in your back that are contributing to your pain and releases any and all tension that pain inadvertently creates. And the increased circulation of the blood vessels in this region also help bring oxygen and nutrients to these muscles, helping them heal and repair faster.


As long as you’re aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the different kinds of pillows available to help alleviate this kind of pain, finding the right one to help eliminate lower back pain doesn’t have to be a wild goose chase.

  1. Best Types of Back Support Pillows

    • Sitting Position Pillows

      Most pillows for the sitting position – whether they have an added massage feature or not – help promote lumber support.

      These are characterized by a shape that fills the gap between the lower spine and a chair to maintain the natural inward curve in the lower spine absorbed the forces of gravity that pull at this region and prevent the lower spine from slouching.

    • Sleeping Position Pillows

      The right kind of sleeping pillow for you depends on which posture you use to sleep at night. Body pillows are best for those who like to sleep on their sides.


      This aligns the hips and legs to allows your back muscles to relax, while properly aligning the spine from your neck to your tailbone.

      For those who prefer to sleep on their backs, wedge pillows help recreate the excellent posture that sitting in a recliner does for your back while in bed. By placing your upper and lower body in an upright position, this takes significant strain off your lower back and allows it to relax fully.

      This is especially true of two-piece wedge pillows. This is the reason why so many recliners have a massage option – it perfectly exploits the resting position your spine is in and uses the massage feature to increase circulation, work out kinks and help repair any back muscle damage quicker.

      Knowing this information can help you find the right kind of massaging pillow for your back that properly takes these factors into account. The more informed you are about which type of back pillow you purchase, the sooner your back will start to feel better.


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