12 Health Benefits of Massage Chair

Michelle Weinard
benefits of massage chair

aHappyBack.com may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article. Learn more here

aHappyBack.com may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article. Learn more here

Our body is a wonder in itself, having everything from bones enmeshed with muscles to nerves that determine everything from what we touch to what we feel.


Yet, with the fast paced lives we lead, this structure begins to creek and does need periodic care. A good massage goes a long way in soothing it.


Massage chairs are a rage currently, and the reasons are not unknown. Time is the greatest constraint hence we look for the shortest possible way. Let’s look at 12 benefits of massage chair now.

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What is a massage chair?

It is primarily a chair which provides support to your head, shoulder and back during a massage session. The newer chairs are robotic devices stuffed with sensors, vibrators and motors, which provide massage to the recipient.

How does a massage chair work?

A massage chair or a “shiatsu” , the Japanese love theirs, is a mechanical device with roller motors and gears, and they provide relief to the individual by vibrating all of these throughout the stress point on the body.


The simpler ones use a series of vibrating systems to provide a massage. The vibration is akin to the kind of vibration a cell phone gives out, but on a very small scale.


Beneath the upholstery of the chair is a frame which holds the entire framework of rollers, motors and vibrators. The more sophisticated ones have sensors based throughout the framework and provide massage almost similar to human hands.


They do it by having rollers placed on arms which let move horizontally as well as vertically. A microprocessor connects all these and records patterns as well as showcases the previously stored patterns that the manufacturers had already programmed into them. They cost more and are also high maintenance.


Most massage chairs allow the user to control the intensity of the massage he wants to get.

What do the massage chairs actually do?

So, how can a massage chair help you? For one, the different actions performed by it help increase the blood flow within the body and make the tight muscles loosen up. It is one of the easiest ways to relax after a hard day out.

The following are the actions which the massage chairs do:

  • Kneading – circular pattern movement
  • Rolling – vertical pattern movement
  • Tapping – Pushing in and out of the backrest, similar to chops
  • Gripping – Holding of hands and legs
  • Shiatsu – Pressing on pressure points

The robotic massage chair

The latest toy for the luxury-oriented, these massagers for chairs are a nerd’s delight. They come with pre-programmed actions and therapies and provide the user with a remote control.


In most cases these remote controls are wired to the chair itself. This equipment is microprocessor-controlled. Once the massage pattern is selected, it sends out commands to the different apparatus within the chair. The user can always adjust the intensity of the massage using the remote.


If you are willing to spend higher, massage chairs come with infra red sensors which look for skin contact, human reaction to the massage, pulse rate and perspiration. These chairs can change massage patterns on the go and provide a greater massage experience to the user.


Some even have vocal command interpretation capabilities. The chair has software which can understand the commands of the user and work accordingly, though the actions are limited and such functionality forms a very small part of the overall capability of the chair.

Is a massage chair helpful?

It sure is, though one should never expect it to replace the artistry of a human hand. But within its scope and if you cannot afford to go to a masseur every week, a massage chair does relieve pain and stress mainly through Shiatsu, as previously mentioned and Swedish massage, which is a series of long gliding strokes and kneading movements.

For people with chronic back pain, permission from a certified medical practitioner needs to be sought before going ahead and sitting for an invigorating session of “Shiatsu”. It will help you relax everyday when you come home, and will keep you rejuvenated to perform more the next day.

12 Health Benefits of Massage Chair

    1. It Eases Lower Back Pain

      The lower back pain, according to the American Chiropractic Association, is the worldwide’s leading cause of disability. According to the published researched in the journal Pain Medicine, a recently conducted study found that massage can provide relief for a lower back pain.

    2. It Can Boost Immune System

      Massage may strengthen the immune system, as one research indicated, because it can increase the white blood cells’ activity level. This means that the increase in white blood cells is a result of decrease in cortisol which is destroying natural killer cells.

    3. Improves Cardiovascular Health

      Massage may serve as a great complementary treatment to lowering blood pressure and stress. These two are major contributors of heart disease.

    4. Enhancement of Psychological Well Being

      It will help the relaxation and activation of the muscles and joints in a normal environment, and hence the release of nervous energy. The need for extra travel and extra stress is removed by a massage chair installed right inside your own house. Sometimes, he or she has a little time for an overworked, over stressed parent or working professional needs.

    5. Posture Enhancement

      The muscles on your back form the basis of your posture and overall health, and your spine is an integral part of your body, so the Massage Chair has been specifically designed to directly influence these parts of your body. This helps the muscles on your back to relax and develop, fueling the circulation of your blood and re-aligning the spine with its proper form.

    6. Better Digestion

      Experiences of the whole body benefit from relaxation of its different muscle groups, having a beneficial effect on digestive health. The body’s organs are able to operate at a more efficient level with increased blood supply, enabling the body to absorb food and nutrients more efficiently.

    7. Reduced Pain 

      In many parts of the body, daily use of a massage chair can help decrease pain. The lower back is one where the massage is particularly effective. Lower back pain continues to decrease when muscles that have become too tight for some variety of reasons begin to relax.

    8. Soothes Trigger Points To Enhance Your Flexibility

      The opportunity to increase the flexibility of the user is among the most significant massage chair advantages. If you regularly lift weights or partake in challenging physical exercises, chances are you will overwork your muscles every once in a while. Muscles that are overstretched can lead over time to pain and progressive inflexibility.

    9. Reduces Your Chances Of Disability

      Lower back pain is the leading cause of non-accidental disabilities, as shown in a study carried out by the American Pain Society. Demanding work and school schedules require us to stay for long hours seated in one place. Although it may not be dangerous at first to sit in the same place for long durations, holding the wrong seating or standing positions may contribute over time to chronic back pain.

    10. Improved Sleep

      Any massage therapy, regardless of your choice, should calm your nerves and reduce overall muscle tension. If you are keen enough, in the midst of a thorough massage session, you will find that you appear to fall asleep. A massage chair will relax your muscles in a similar way and increase your relaxation, which, in most cases, contributes to sleep.

    11. It Induces Endorphin and Serotonin Secretion in the Body.

      The release of feel-good chemicals like endorphins and serotonin is activated by massage. These are hormones of the body that influence mood, satisfaction, depression , anxiety, and mental wellbeing in general. They assist to facilitate relaxation and stabilize the mood. Just imagine going home and sitting on your very own massage chair from a long day

    12. Reduce Headaches

      Pressure in the neck, low circulation, excessive stress , poor sleep habits, and diminished flexibility and pliability all play a role in causing secondary symptoms such as headaches. It can remove the root cause and minimize or eliminate headaches that can affect your life by treating the underlying symptoms that cause your headaches.

Considering all the incredible benefits of massage chair, you may factor them in when deciding to purchase one.


Michelle Weinard

Michelle Weinard

Michelle Weinard is an author and a business writing coach from Colorado. She's on a mission to spread her knowledge by the use of her creativity in writing. She has finish her study at University of Colorado Boulder.

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